Friday, June 27, 2008

Rock City Raptors

Hey You All,

We are about to finish our first full month of the regular Rock City Raptors 2008 season. We had a recent visitor, Jayne Trapnell and her husband, and they e-mailed some great pictures of the birds in our show. Included in the photos are the two Screech Owls Jerri (Reddish) and Buddy (Grey), Atsa Yazhi, the Bald Eagle. Dale with Thibault, the Barred Owl, Cody, the very light Red-tailed Hawk (on the perch) and Little Joe, the Broad-winged Hawk. Thanks, Jane! Please come to see us. We are at the "Rock" Wednesday-Sunday through July with shows at 11, 1, and 3 p.m.(with an additional program at 4:30 on Saturday). The regular season continues through Labor Day Weekend. For more info, e-mail us at Snail mail at S.O.A.R., Inc. P.O. Box 743, Trenton, GA 30752. Or phone: 706-657-3278. Also check out Rock City's website at . Thanks!
Dale and John


Ray's blogger said...

Proud of you two, for keeping your blogspot up, and doing such a great job at it!

rebecca said...
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rebecca said...

This is a correction of my previous post which had a misspelled word in it.

My son and our friends from Florida saw your raptor show at Rock City a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work educating everyone about these amazing birds. I now have a greater appreciation for vultures than before. Thank you!

I put a link to your site at http://livelyauthority .com.