Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Raptor Experience

Come join us for The Raptor Experience! Have you ever touched an owl? How about have a Red-tailed Hawk stand on your arm (with a leather glove of course). Raptors are some of the most stunning and majestic creatures in nature. The Raptor Experience gives you a very rare opportunity to interact with these incredible creatures up close and personable. John and I will give you and your friends a chance to hold, touch, and fly eight different species of Birds of Prey. From owls, hawks, a falcon, and a very fun and intellegent Black Vulture. Even more exciting, you will learn all about these master hunters and how we train them using falconry techniques. The Session will last about three hours depending on the size of your group, and this family friendly activity is open to ages from 3 to 100 . Do and learn something new, and most of all have tons of fun and get totally wowed by The Raptor Experience!!

This session is only $ 35.oo per person and we have special group rates too!

Call us today to make your appointment and have a hawk fly to you!
706.657.3278/ 423.605.8917

By the way we have gift certificates available

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