Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lookout the Peregrine Falcon as of January 13, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Lookout continues to winter in Honduras on Rio Patuca. He has moved up and down the river, but has remained in the same general area for the last two months. You can click on either image to enlarge. The red dot indicates where he was at 1:00 on January 13th.

Meanwhile, were in the world is our leader Doris Mager? She is still conducting presentations in Texas. This weekend, she is is at Guadalupe River State Park and she'll be here through Sunday, January 15th. She then travels to Goliad State Park you get a chance, check out Doris, a living legend, on her Texas tour. Give her a call at 828-506-8106 for more information. Thanks!

Dale and John

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kittenface said...

Oh how great I sure hope we see Lookout back at a nest of his own some time in the future, I have followed all you reports and news articles but have been afraid if I post I will jinx him but he seems to be doing great
Thank you