Monday, July 21, 2014

Peregrine Falcons released at Rock City


The two young male Peregrine Falcons were released at Rock City this morning (7/21/14). They were named Orville and Wilbur via Rock City's Facebook page. Yesterday evening, we put Federal leg bands and radio transmitters on both birds to aid in tracking after release. The release box door was opened before dawn and by 6:20 or so, Wilbur emerged from the box, exercised his wings and took off. He flew to the south of the release site and found a safe tree. Orville hopped out on the door ledge next, flapped his wings, hopped down to the rock cliff below for some more exercise and then took off; much to everyone's delight, flew right out in front of the cliff where everyone was gathered. He landed in a tree near Rock City's pavilion. He was later seen briefly soaring the ridge in front of Rock City and soon caught a small thermal where he was joined by about two dozen Chimney Swifts. He later landed in a nearby tree. Our local NBC station, Channel 3, sent a crew to cover the event. Here is some footage taken by them
We hope the brothers will stick around for a few weeks and maybe one (or both) will return to the area to nest. We'l keep you posted.

John and Dale

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