Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pictures from Reelfoot Lake Program

We have pictures from our educational birds of prey program at Reelfoot Lake State Park, Tiptonville, Tennessee. The program was attended by well over 200 people, despite the snowy weather. Many thanks to Brian Ashworth and Danny and Karen Smith for the great photos.

Atsa Yazhi a 15 Year old male Bald Eagle

Atsa's role at S.O.A.R. is very important, because he is the embassador for his species. Atsa was shot in his left wing and his wing was removed to save his life. He will spend the remaining part of his life in captivity, However, Atsa helps us educate the public on the importance of Birds of Prey in the environment.
This is Atsa Yazhi, one Great Looking Eagle ! Posted by Picasa

Dale, holding the Broad-winged Hawk, Little Joe. Posted by Picasa

Thibault, a Barred Owl, which is unable to survive in the wild, due to a wing injury. Posted by Picasa

Buddy, a fully grown Screech Owl. Posted by Picasa

Billy, an American Kestrel, which is the smallest falcon in North America, sitting pretty for the camera. Posted by Picasa

Little Joe, surveying his flight path. Posted by Picasa

Little Joe, Broad-winged Hawk, making his pass through the audience. Posted by Picasa

John showing Dakota, the Red-tailed Hawk to the audience. Posted by Picasa

Dakota, Up close, and personal with the audience. Posted by Picasa

Dakota, the Red-tail Hawk, starting her pass through the audience. Posted by Picasa

Dakota, the Red-tailed Hawk,displays her impressive wingspan. Posted by Picasa

Cayce, preparing to land on Dale's glove. Posted by Picasa

Cayce, rearranging hair styles. Posted by Picasa

Cayce, flying for the audience. Posted by Picasa

Cayce, a human imprinted Black Vulture strutting her stuff. Posted by Picasa

Regal Atsa on the glove during education program at Reelfoot Lake TN. Posted by Picasa

15 year old Bald Eagle, Atsa Yazhi. Posted by Picasa

Dale and Atsa Yazhi saying so long to the crowd. Posted by Picasa