Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rock City Raptors-2008

Hello there:
After a busy spring schedule, which saw us "adjusting" to -10 degrees in Minnesota to dodging tornadoes in Georgia in March and May, we return May 23rd to Rock City ( for our 4th full season of Rock City Raptors . We will be there Thursday through Sundays until Labor Day weekend. We will also be adding Wednesdays to our schedule from June 18th through July 30th. We hope to see you at our presentations. We are now booking programs for Autumn/Winter '08. If you are interested please e-mail snail mail us at: S.O.A.R., Inc. P.O. Box 743, Trenton, Georgia 30752 or call 706-657-3278. As always, thank you!

John and Dale
p.s. Photos by Danny Smith