Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rocky Released


Yesterday morning, August 12th, Rocky the Peregrine Falcon was released. We opened the front of his release box before first light and by 6:25, he quickly left the hack box. He took us by surprise on how quickly he departed. He shot out of the box with very strong wingbeats and flew about 1/4 mile from the site and landed in some nearby trees. He stayed in that location throughout the day and was there before dusk. He was probably trying to figure where he was. We will continue to track his movements with radio telemetry. For more info on Rocky, go to: We hope to see Rocky some before he begins his lifelong journey (as we will now provide food at his hack box in case he has difficulty hunting) and maybe we will see him in a few years around Lookout Mountain as a nesting bird.

John and Dale


Vickie said...

Congratulations. Enjoyed our visit at Monday's banding and look forward to your updates.

The Tile Lady said...

He's beautiful! I hope he is doing well!