Monday, August 25, 2008

Rocky update


It has been almost two weeks since Rocky was released. We have not located his transmitter signal in about 9 days. Last Tuesday, We searched for his signal from the air via an ultralight aircraft called a trike. We were able to get high enough to do a pretty broad sweep, but found nothing. We continue to do a daily search from the ground, but have failed to locate him. We have been putting food out on his hack box, but has yet to return to feed. Still, no signal is not a bad thing. He may have completely left the area. He is banded on both legs, so if he is spotted somewhere, he can be identified. Our main hope is that he survives to return to the area and comes back to set up a breeding territory. Time will tell...

John and Dale

By the way, Rocky has both Federal and Georgia State leg bands on him. The U.S. Fish and Fish and Wildlife Service (Federal) band is on his right leg. The number is: 816-35947. The Georgia
DNR bands are on the left leg and it is a two part black and green band. The black part has an "X" on it, while the lower green part has "65" on it.

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The Tile Lady said...

I'll be remembering him in my prayers for God's beautiful creatures that he does well and returns someday to mate there.