Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello All,

Lookout still likes Louisiana, but he is close to Texas now. His next readings may show him on the Texas coast. It will be interesting to see if he goes on a NW direction into Texas or what should be the logical direction to the SW. He has been unpredictable in his movements and each time we get a new reading is like unwrapping a present. Meanwhile, a Peregrine Falcon has been seen in downtown Chattanooga. It was first seen by Bill Chapin and several Rock City Executives on Friday 8/26/11. They were having a lunchtime meeting at the Sun Trust Bank building and saw a Peregrine flying by the bank. Yesterday I (John) saw a Peregrine that was on the Sun Trust building. I was breaking down the release box (from which we released Bruce) on the First Tennessee Bank building. I happened to be moving a section of the box towards a set of stairs in the direction of the Sun Trust building. I saw a bird launch from the ST building and at first thought it to be a crow. I ran to the end of the building in time to see the bird, which turned out to be a Peregrine, fly about thirty feet below me. I ran to the north side of the First Tennessee building a watched the Peregrine as it flew past me and landed on the Bank of America building. I was able to see the bird in silhouette, but wasn't able to get a clear view before the Peregrine flew. It looked like an immature bird, but I wasn't 100% certain. It could have been Bruce, but at this point. I am not sure. I alerted Jeff Boehm, who helped hack Bruce, that I saw a Peregrine. He is going to go on the roof today to see if he can spot the bird. I am going downtown as well to see if I can get a better look. We'll let you know if we get a positive ID. Thanks for following!

John and Dale

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