Monday, August 08, 2011

Lookout is alive and well!


After a few nail biting days (including a ground search near Grenada Lake, Mississippi by Veterinarians Reece and Abernathy of Grenada, thanks y'all!), Lookout continues his amazing journey. From his last track around Grenada Lake, Lookout moved west to the Mississippi River across from Rosedale, Mississippi. He is a few miles ESE of Watson, Arkansas. Falconer friend Chris Price has been in this area and says it is perfect hunting habitat for a Peregrine. He mentioned that the migrating Peregrines from the Arctic area use this stretch of the Mississippi, with its mudflats and sandbars, to hunt for migrating shorebirds. It is incredible to us that Lookout has found this area as well! What happens next is any one's guess. Does he stay in this area? Does he follow the Mississippi southward? We should have more information on 8/11 when we get our next set of readings. Thanks for following along and thanks to Katie Kasch for getting this posted for us!

John and Dale

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