Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lookout's in Mexico (but not where you think he might be)

Hello Everyone,

Sorry we haven't been able to post this latest data from Lookout, but we lost our power for almost two days due to Tropical Storm Lee. We got 9.5 inches of rain at our house and it also became windy. This wind brought down a tree across a nearby power line and viola, no power. Lookout continues to amaze us! We knew that his journey/migration should take him to Central and maybe South America for the winter, but his route there involves a shortcut. It is known that Peregrines cross the Gulf of Mexico, but we expected Lookout to continue hugging the Texas Coast down into Mexico. Instead, he decided to make his trip via the fastest way. Scan the Google Earth plot and you'll see what we mean. Where he goes next is any one's guess. Thanks for following!

John and Dale

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