Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lookout's still lingering

Hello All,

Lookout is still in the same general area as he was a few days ago. He apparently has some great hunting and a good area for roosting. Check back in a few days to see where he has gone. Thanks for following!

John and Dale
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Ellen D. said...

Too bad he doesn't have a cam! Where can a peregrine be expected to spend the winter. Is this the place, or will he fly further south with others?

Soar South said...

Hey Ellen,

Yeah, it would be great if he had a tiny camera on him. We expect that'll be available in a few years. We are not really sure where Lookout will go next, but we think he might move further south. Some Peregrines have gone as far south as the Tierra del Fuego! Our bet is he'll cross the mountains and will end up on the Pacific sude of Central/South America. We'll see....

John and Dale

Soar South said...

p.s. that should have read Pacific side not sude!