Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bruce and Lookout update


Well, Bruce has not been seen since Sunday July 17th. A quail was left for him on Monday and a check yesterday revealed that the quail was still there. He may have chased a bird or may have a new spot. We will keep looking for him and perhaps he will be sighted elsewhere. At least, we have gotten him through the critical first few weeks. Lookout is still hanging around the Rock City hack site and we just got some fresh telemetry data. Keep following us and we will get you the scoop on the Wanderers. Thanks!

John and Dale


Kristi said...

My name is Kristi. I work in Building 3 on Cameron Hill. I think I may have seen Bruce go soaring by Building 1 this afternoon (7/21). It was a brief glimpse, but the silhouette looked much more angular than the hawks I've seen go by. :)

Soar South said...

Thanks for the update Kristi!

John Stokes