Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peregrine update


Yesterday, 7/18/11, I didn't see Bruce. Carl Cressler of AB Security, took me to the roof of building #3 of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee complex. Bruce has been hanging out here for nearly two weeks but today, no sign of him. I did leave a quail near his favorite perch in hopes he would later return for a meal. He may have been out sight seeing/recon or may have chased a bird. I'll check later today to see if Bruce is around the area.

Meanwhile, Lookout and possibly Chatty are still around the hack site at Rock City. Both quail were gone from the previous day. We had put up a time lapse camera to try to get some photos, but I believe it was too far back to be triggered when the birds came in to feed. It was repositioned at a better angle. I'll check it today to see if we captured any images.

We have been getting data from the satellite transmitter Lookout is carrying and it has revealed that Lookout has been spending most of his time around the general area. He has gone as far as a few miles away and on the NW side of Lookout Mountain (Rock City is on the ESE side). We are able to view this data on Google Earth and we hope to be able to post some on the info on this blog. Thanks for following and we'll let you know what we see today.

John and Dale

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