Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bruce and Lookout


Bruce is still doing great on the Blue Cross Blue Shield complex. I met Brian Tierney of AB Security yesterday morning 7/16, and we delivered a quail to Bruce atop building#3. He was definitely waiting for it and took it to a nearby perch for consumption.

Meanwhile, still no sign of Chatty, but Lookout continues to hang around the Rock City hack site and Dale and I even saw him soar by to harass a soaring Turkey Vulture. I didn't get to see the whole encounter, but Dale did and she said that Lookout did a wing over and quick dive right at the TV. I saw the vulture's evasive maneuver and then saw Lookout soaring out in the valley. He is definitely feeling great and asserting his presence to the locals. We will keep you posted.


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