Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lookout and Satellite Telemetry

We are extremely excited about our Peregrine Falcon release for many reasons.
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this release is, Lookout, one of the male Peregrine Falcons
is fitted with a PTT-100 22 grams Solar Satellite Telemetry device. This device is enhanced with a Gobal Positioning System (GPS) and a battery that is recharged by the sun. This is the lastest in technology and will allow this unit to transmit readings for up to three years. The PTT-100 will take ten location readings a day and then transmit the information every three days, then the information received is put through a special program called a parser. The program will then analyze the data and give us a detailed picture of the birds location and movements.
The most valuable aspect of this information is, historically this is the first time a Peregrine Falcon has been tracked with Satellite Telemetry from the southern region of the United States.
Lookout's wanderings will soon be available for viewing as soon as more information is received form his telemetry unit. In addition we plan to connect it with Google Earth so that his global position can be viewed. Stayed tuned for updates! Thanks....


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