Friday, July 15, 2011

Bruce, Chatty and Lookout 7/14/11


Bruce continues to do very well. Jeff Boehm, Suzanne and I met Carl Cressler of AB Security and he took us to the roof of building three. We saw Bruce sitting on the main building and I assumed he would be hungry for a quail since he was not given one the previous day. Sure enough, as soon as we opened the door to the roof and I was able to hide behind a small building on top, I threw the quail up high enough for him to see. "Here he comes!" Carl exclaimed and within twenty seconds, Bruce was on the quail. He started plucking it, but saw us nearby and took the quail, via flight, to a perch on the side of the building where he continued the plucking in earnest. This was a good look at Bruce for Jeff, since he had not seen him this closely since the day of release. Jeff fed Bruce in the hack box atop the First Tennessee Bank building. Thanks Jeff!

Meanwhile Chatty and Lookout are still in the area of the Rock City hack station. I left two quail for them Tuesday afternoon and yesterday morning, one was still there. One of the fellows working on Bill Chapin's house saw one of the Peregrine come to box, grab the remaining quail and then flew away with it in his clutches. I did not pick up Chatty's radio signal, but I feel he did eat yesterday. Two more quail were placed on the box along with a time lapse camera, placed there by Jeff Raabe of Rock City, in hope of catching photos of the returning birds. Dale also got of whole page of satellite info on Lookout's movements and is now running that data through a program that will decipher it into usable stuff. We'll keep you updated....

John (and Dale)

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