Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lookout is now on Google Earth

You can now follow Lookout, the peregrine falcon with the satellite telemetry.

You might have to install a plug-in to view the map, but it only takes a moment and is well worth the effort! As you can see, if you have looked at the movements of Lookout on Google Earth,Lookout is staying very close to his release spot at Rock City. We will be updating his latest movements every three days. The transmitter on Lookout sends us information every three days. Lookout has been returning to eat off the platform everyday, and we have set up a camera on the release box in hopes to gain more photos of him retrieving his food. We are not sure how long he will remain in this area, however, the beauty of this telemetry is we will know where he goes next!
So, have fun with us and watch what Lookout's next moves are.




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Ellen D. said...

Is it possible to log in and view the telemetry or do we have to wait until it is posted? I am not sure how to access the map other than what is on this page. I am wondering if I saw Lookout fly over my house on Lookout Mountain. Thanks for the great adventure!