Friday, July 08, 2011

Bruce the Peregrine-Day 4


Bruce the Peregrine Falcon continues to do well. I met Carl Cressler of AB Security this morning and he reported that he had already seen Bruce on perch on the security camera arm on building#3. When we got up to the roof, Bruce was still where Carl I seen him earlier.This seems to be a favorite perch and is where yesterday's photo was taken. I had another quail with me and was able to sneak around where Bruce couldn't see me as I tossed the quail in his direction. He wasted little time and launched from his perch, did a semi-circle and landed on his breakfast. I'll try to find him tomorrow morning and will offer him another quail. In a few days, I will cut out his feeding to every other day in attempts to encourage him to start chasing birds. Meanwhile, I hope he continues to hang out around the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee complex. It seems to be a safe location for him and the people here have really taken great interest in him. Thanks Carl, Cindy and Company!


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