Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bruce, Chatty and Lookout pt. 2


Bruce, Chatty and Lookout all seem to be doing well. Bruce was spotted in the morning by Carl Cressler of AB Security. He was on his favorite building #3 at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee complex. I saw him on the same building at 8:20 p.m. He was playing with the railing on top of the stair tower of building #3. Play consisted of him grabbing or footing the railing a number of times, perhaps he was imagining grabbing a bird. He then settled down and started preening. He wasn't fed on purpose, but didn't seem to be lacking in energy. I will take a quail to him today (7/14), but will continue to feed him every other day. It would be nice to see him start chasing other birds (like Rock Doves AKA pigeons).

Chatty and Lookout did eat the quail we left for them, so we know that they had an energy boost for yesterday. Two more quail were left in case they returned to raid the cupboard. Chatty's radio signal was located on the NW side of Lookout Mt. (Rock City is on the ESE side) and as the Peregrine flies, he was only a few miles from the hack site. Perhaps, the brothers will return to See Rock City today. We will keep you posted on the Band of Brothers and thanks for checking in on their activities.

John (and Dale)

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