Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bruce the Peregrine-Day 5


Day Five in the liberated life of Bruce continues with the Peregrine on his favorite security camera perch. He was still on building #3 and I was able to deliver another quail to him for food. He immediately flew down and began plucking his breakfast. I'll check on his this morning and give you an update later. Meanwhile, Bruce's brothers, Chatty and Lookout (named by people in a contest on Rock City's Face Book page) will be released tomorrow morning at dawn. This afternoon, Chatty will be fitted with a radio transmitter and Federal leg band, like Bruce was, so we can track him after release. His brother, Lookout, has been fitted with a solar-powered satellite transmitter and has been in a flight pen at our facility. We fitted him with the backpack style transmitter and have been allowing him to get used to the unit. We had to make a slight adjustment in the fit and he seems to be doing very well. We will place him back in the hack box early tomorrow morning so he and Chatty can be released together. We wish them both well and I update you on their release. Thanks for following along!


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