Monday, July 18, 2011

Peregrine brothers-update


A quick update on the Band of Brothers: I went to the Blue Cross Blue Shield complex, but didn't see Bruce. However, I didn't go on the roof of building #3 since yesterday was a day I didn't feed him. I am fairly sure he was up on there because I saw Chimney Swifts and Cliff Swallows diving at a point on the stair tower where Bruce likes to perch. I will take a quail to him today.

No radio signal from Chatty, but he may have, like Bruce, pulled off the transmitter. Next year, we will use a different mounting method. We did see Lookout, the satellite transmitter carrying bird. Dale and I went to the hack site at about 4:15 to leave quail and to install a time lapse camera. As we approached, Lookout took off from the front door of the hack box and began soaring the ridge. He flew overhead to see what we were doing and then spied some Black Vultures flying close to the hack site. He proceeded to chase one poor vulture and dove several times in mock attacks. He was having fun, but the vulture didn't enjoy being Lookout's toy! He then flew out over Chattanooga Valley. His flight is effortless, despite carrying an extra 22 grams on his back. A few minutes later, we did see a Peregrine fly just below cliff level and was heading south. We assumed it was Lookout, but it may have been Chatty as well. Both of the quail have been disappearing, so maybe the time lapse camera will reveal who is taking the second bird. We will review the photos today. We keep you posted...


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